Explore a world that goes far beyond imagination

Understand how Hearts of Violet strives to immerse the player in a carefully designed story-driven world.

Card Story


The story of Hearts of Violet was carefully designed to be a complex and expandable universe.

Card Gameplay


Explore the gameplay mechanics that are being featured in Hearts of Violet.

Card Studio

Euthalia Game Studios

The development studio and the people responsible behind Hearts of Violet.

Development Stories

The development articles are made as a way to present to you our work progress and ideas.

It’s been a long time since our last update and we’re happy to be back. During the time period of our absence, we managed...

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When I was initially told to create music for the combat of the game, as I always do I requested actual footage...

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We have been working on our handcrafted city for 4 months now, as the game is story-driven, most of the small details...

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After weeks working hard and polishing our gameplay, we can finally present a video example of our combat dynamics...

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The Ferocious City

Discover the world of Hearts of Violet, survive the chaos amid the city of Civitate Dei and uncover the secrets of a world that goes far beyond imagination.

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