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Understand how Hearts of Violet strives to immerse the player in a carefully designed story-driven world inspired by legendary stories and experiences, which shaped our vision of life as a society.

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A word from the composer
When I was initially told to create music for the combat of the game, as I always do I requested actual footage of the battle scene or a demo battle scene to get a sense of it. Learn More
Story-Driven Level Design
We have been working on our handcrafted city for 4 months now, as the game is story-driven, most of the small details are meaningful, from the soundtrack to the colors of each environment. Learn more
Combat System and Level Design
After some weeks working and polishing the Combat Dynamics and the Storyline, we bring some High-Resolution Screenshots and a Development Footage. Learn more


Hearts of Violet is an episodic game carefully designed by Art-Leaf Studio, a unique experience divided into four episodes where the player has the opportunity to explore and understand the story around the mysterious city of Civitate Dei.
Episode One: City of Dreams
The story begins when Charles suddenly wakes up in his office after an unexpected incident that’s questioning the nature of his reality as he previously knew it.
Episode Two
After the shocking events that lead Charles to regain his memory, he and his companion Aelius head towards the Green District in search of more answers.
Episode Three
Devastated by the past that seems to have been cast upon their lives, they seek for a way out but as always fate seems to have other plans.
Episode Four
The past is but a shadow against the rivers of time, we must regain the future. The plan is set to action.