Story-Driven Level Design

5.10.2017 • Luiz Gustavo Santana

We have been working on our handcrafted city for 4 months now, as the game is story-driven, most of the small details are meaningful, from the soundtrack to the colors of each environment, there is a reason for every aspect of the game.

The Utopic City of Civitate was built inspired by a mix of ancient civilizations, the ones who shaped our world, so we spent a lot of time doing deep researches about ancient architecture and culture, trying to understand how our civilization could learn from the incredible structures left by the ancient ones.

The screenshots below represent the pre-alpha vision of our city, the prime stage of our game, where the player will unravel the mysteries and the hidden secrets of the first functional utopia in human history.

Optional Areas for Exploration
We have spent a lot of time working on the exploration aspect of the game, the player can simply explore the entire large-scale hub map, unravel its secrets and learn the ways of the ones who live in the city. This is basically a gift for the ones who truly seek to understand the world we created.