Development Articles

The development articles are made as a way to present to you our work progress and ideas but it’s also a way for us to communicate with you. We often post updates between a few months so we can show you as much content as possible but sometimes that's not a necessity and it’s possible that we will post sooner than that.

A word from the composer

When I was initially told to create music for the combat of the game, as I always do I requested actual footage of the battle scene or a demo battle scene to get a sense of it.

Story-Driven Level Design

We have been working on our handcrafted city for 4 months now, as the game is story-driven, most of the small details are meaningful, from the soundtrack to the colors of each environment.

Combat System and Level Design

After some weeks working and polishing the Combat Dynamics and the Storyline, we bring some High-Resolution Screenshots and a Development Footage.