1. What platforms is Hearts of Violet being released on?

At this time Hearts of Violet Series is planned to be released on Steam for Microsoft Windows. We do hope to able to release it in other platforms as well, such as Playstation 4, Xbox One or Machintosh.

2. How much will it cost?

Since the game is going to be released in four episodes, the price will be equivalent to that. It will probably be pretty inexpensive, an average price to cover our work.

3. When are you intending to release?

We'll make a later announcement about the launch date, sometime in the upcoming months.

4. What Engine are you using?

We are using Unreal Engine 4.

5. How long have you worked on this project?

Approx. since July 2016.

6. Who does the art?

Luiz Gustavo Santana. He is the Game Director and the one responsible for the Art-Direction presented in the game.

7. Where are you guys based?

Hearts of Violet is an international project. Luiz Gustavo Santana is based in Brazil but the rest of the team is scattered throughout the world at places like Greece and the US.

8. What do you mean by "Progressive Development"?

Hearts of Violet is an episodic game, so we are intended to make the most from each episode; Implement new gameplay, storyline mechanics and explore the possibilities for a complex story driven game. Improve the quality overall, as much as we can.

9. I'm a YouTuber, streamer or reviewer.

We will add more information about this soon.