Hearts of Violet

Hearts of Violet is an episodic and independent video game, designed by an experienced and very talented team, inspired by legendary stories and experiences which shaped our vision of life as a society. The game is set in a Futuristic Utopic Society inspired by great novels such as "Brave New World", where the world was completely divided according to the professional aspect; districts, houses, people, all organized according to the impact of their profession over the city.

About the Game

The game uses the First-Third Person Camera Switch Technic but in a more accurate way. The First Person mode is designed for investigation and as an intuitive method for solving puzzles that you are going to find through the game. The Third Person mode is designed for Combat Moments in which the protagonist must rely on his work tools to survive among the various threats that he might encourter, using a sword fight style of combat.


The game is set in a alternate reality where the world became a Utopia, heavily inspired by the legendary novels "Brave New World" and "The Wizard of Oz"; where the society was divided according to the professional aspect of each person. The city is strictly divided into districts with the "Pillars of Society" being the "most important professions" that hold the responsibility of maintaining that world.

Progressive Development

The developers of Hearts of Violet are intended to make the most from each episode, implement new gameplay and storyline mechanics, improve the quality of sound effects and explore the possibilities for a complex story driven game such as:
  • settings Improved Combat Experience We would like to improve the combat system by adding more variety for the attacks and increase the immersion based on level interaction.
  • movie_filter Professional Cutscenes Enhance the in-game cinematics and explore the characters personalities using cutting-edge methodology.
  • color_lens Improved Aelius Chat System We want to increase the possibilities about Aelius and how he interacts with the player in non-scripted events.

Development Roadmap

We are working on Hearts of Violet Episode One at the moment, the first part of the four episode series that is handcrafted and so far, we spent 6 months working on different aspects of the game. We spent most of our production time working on the artistic perspective, since we strongly believe that video games can be a combination of both art and entertainment, at the same time. We think that video games can be a productive experience in which we can question, learn and understand things from.