Hearts of Violet

Hearts of Violet is a story-driven episodic game set in an alternate reality where the world evolved into a single utopian society divided by castes. Heavily inspired by the legendary novels "Brave New World" and "The Wizard of Oz", the game spans its storyline from the bright colorful future of a peaceful society into the chaos and suffering of a bloody civil war.

Ferocious City

Hearts of Violet was designed to be a unique visual and emotional experience set in the falling utopia of Civitate Dei. The city once considered the apex of the modern civilization is now decaying as a mysterious disease consumes the population. You will have not only to survive the civil war that is shaking the pillars of that society but help those in need and battle your way into the truth that has been hidden for centuries.



Assume the role of Charles Darwin, an Alpha Class Director, surviving an unforeseen war which he was totally unprepared for.



Explore the hand-crafted city of Civitate Dei, as you may encounter unique story-driven environments hidden deep beneath the city.



Fight your way into the city, from a variety of melee combat styles and weapons, Charles will have to face the wrath of the infection.


The Past

Discover the forgotten past about this mysterious city and understand how our world evolved into a the first truly peaceful society.

Meaningful Battles

With the city burning in chaos, Charles will have to battle his way into the heart of infection and save as many citizens as possible, independently of the caste they belong, changing his idea of a balanced society as he builds for the first time his own mindset. The battles represent not only a way of survival, but a way of remembering a forgotten past and imagining a shining future for humanity.

Progressive Development

Euthalia Game Studios is committed to making not only a game but an entire emotional experience behind the immersive and detailed world we have been building. As an episodic game, Hearts of Violet is being developed at our own pace as we need time to evolve the game into the experience it deserves to be one day. The audience is a key feature of that system, on each episode released, we’ll gather feedback and use it for the development of new episodes.