Hearts of Violet

Hearts of Violet is a complex science-fiction and heavily story-driven video game that takes place in the distant future, in a world highly influenced by admirable and iconic novels such as "Brave New World" and "The Wizard of Oz".

The story is divided into 3 seasons and each season is compiled of 4 episodes. Our vision is to create a fictional Universe or a Mythology that revolves around our characters and the different events that take place in the game.


The game is set in a alternate reality where the world became a Utopia, heavily inspired by the legendary novels "Brave New World" and "The Wizard of Oz"; where the society was divided according to the professional aspect of each person. The city is strictly divided into districts with the "Pillars of Society" being the "most important professions" that hold the responsibility of maintaining that world.

In-Game Cinematic


We decided to focus on a hybrid system of a First-Person camera mode for exploration and a Third-Person camera mode for combat. Ideally, it wouldn’t be forced but the player would have the freedom of choice to play the game by its liking.

We enhanced the exploration process with additional documents giving away some extra parts of the story, we added interactive dialogue system including various facts and hints about the state that our characters are in and lastly, we developed a terminology we call “Progressive Development”. The basic idea behind this term is the escalation of our gameplay features on the upcoming episodes, starting with Episode 2.

In-Game Cinematic